First Edition "Parco Valentino - Salon & Gran Premio" in Italy, was a place of discovering new Torino Design Wildtwelve hybrid supercar ...

This event took place near the Castello del Valentino, the city which is protected by UNESCO and representing truly unsurpassed environment, but, this time, we will focus only on this car.

This hybrid supercar is a true testament to the skill of Torino Design engineers and artists. It reaches from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.6 seconds, and top speed is 390 km / h. If you're wondering where the name originates Wildtwelve, we can tell you that that was not a coincidence.

"Wild" can easily be paired with the aforementioned performance, while "twelve" indicates 3.8 liter V12 engine that powers this beast. The engine works in conjunction with two electric motors that drive the front wheels. The result is a total power of 860 hp and 918 Nm of torque.

Currently, this model is only a prototype, but will be launched as a limited edition. Parts will be built in the former Bugatti factory, and we definitely can not wait to see it on the streets.

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