An angry Russian woman stole frozen brains and bodies in order to take revenge on her husband

There are some marriages in which people swear loyalty to each other until death do them part, and there are those in which death plays a significant role in their divorces…

Marriages originated in Paradise, but bitter divorces have occurred on our planet, and as strange as it may sound, in some cases they can be a lot of fun. “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned," which is definitely proven in this case. Although the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates has taken all the headlines over the past few months, we must admit that it was an example of restraint and mutual respect - whatever happened behind closed doors, the public was not aware of it, and the former spouses seemingly parted ways amicably and divided joint property.

However, that was not the case when it comes to the divorce of Tatiana Akhmedova, Russian oligarch Farkad Akhmedov and their 27-year-old Temur Akhmedov in a supporting role. After chasing an unpaid debt based on a divorce lawsuit of $ 600 million over four years, Tatiana hired former SBS operatives to seize a yacht worth $ 320 million from her ex-husband.

Although we thought that there was no event that was a step above Tatiana's revenge, one lady proved the opposite by stealing from a company run by her husband and taking the bodies and brains of rich Britons and Americans from it. If you thought it was a morgue, you are mistaken - it is a cryogenic institution KrioRus run by forty-one-year-old Danilo Medvedev together with his ambitious and angry fifty-nine-year-old wife, Valeria Udalova. KrioRus is the fruit of their love, a dream they dreamed together and turned into reality. Similar to how couples fight for child custody, KrioRus is the centre of the conflict between Valeria and Danilo, because they both want to be full owners of the company. In order to take the bones and brains that belong to her, Valeria persuaded her team in the company to steal everything she wanted.

The angry woman opened huge tanks with liquid nitrogen in which the bodies are stored, together with several separate brains, loaded them into trucks and fled the scene. In case you didn't know, cryogenics is a scientifically based, legal technology for preserving people and animals in conditions of extreme cold, with the hope that sometime in the future they will be able to be thawed and brought back to life. Medvedev, who started a new family with another woman, was shocked after this incident, not only because of the financial loss, but also because of the integrity of the frozen human and animal bodies and brains that the owners wanted to revive in the future, which is now in great question.

Aleksey Potapov, an expert from KrioRus, said: “There is a high risk of damage; it is impossible to transport our shells in a horizontal position.” While they were trying to steal them, most of the liquid nitrogen spilled" Udalova stated that this was her revenge, after she was unfairly expelled from the company that is her baby. Only a fool would easily give up a company with orders coming from several countries around the world, especially those related to pets.

"Large number of orders is exactly the reason why Medvedev wanted to kick me out of KrioRus and be the sole owner," says Udalova. This technology is already gaining momentum in Russia and many other parts of the world, but it is not cheap at all. According to the speculations, it is necessary to set aside 36,000 dollars for the cryogenization of the body, i.e. half of that amount if it is only head. 500 people have already signed up for their waiting list, and for now, the company has 81 people and 47 pets in its chambers.

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