Bill Gates is no longer the 4th richest person in the world

As everybody already know, Bill and Melinda Gates put an end to their marriage…

According to the rumours, Bill Gates transferred shares worth 6 billion dollars to his ex-wife, and he also lost his position as the fourth richest person in the world and gave it up to Mark Zuckerberg. Gates is now in fifth place, globally, and his fortune is estimated at 129.6 billion dollars.

At the outset of the divorce lawsuit, Gates transferred ownership of the $ 850 million Deere & Co stock to his ex-wife, only to do the same with AutoNation and the Canadian National Railway just days ago, leading to a $ 3 billion stake and transfer of shares worth about $ 2.4 billion last Tuesday.

Apparently, this is not the end of this whole saga, because his wealth is still far greater than the mentioned figure. For now, there is no publicly available data on the transfer of ownership of private companies or real estate, so we may never even find out how they divided their property.

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