Despite omicron strain Bill Gates says the end of the pandemic is coming

When the coronavirus pandemic started almost three years ago, we hoped it would be over by 2020…

However, when 2021 arrived, all our hopes fell into the water. The Delta variant has arrived, accompanied by the even more dangerous Omicron strain, which leads us to think that the Covid19 will never leave our planet. Still, Bill Gates is here to give us a little hope and comfort in these difficult times. According to the co-founder of Microsoft, the acute phase of Covid-19 will be completed next year, despite the appearance of the Omicron variant. Commenting on the development of the situation, Gates wrote in his blog: "It may be a little foolish to make another assumption, but I think that the acute phase of the pandemic will be over in some part of 2022."

He added that although "there is no doubt that the Omicron variant is worrying", the speed of detecting new variants, combined with the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs, leads him to be optimistic about ending Pavid-19's pandemic next year.

“Every time a new variant emerges, it’s a new cause for concern, but I still hope that at some point next year, we will view Covid-19 as an endemic disease in most states. Although it is currently ten times more deadly than the flu, vaccines and antiviral drugs can reduce that number by half, or more. The world is better prepared to face potentially bad variants at any time during the pandemic. We are in a far better position to improve vaccines, if necessary. "

"Communities will continue to have occasional epidemics, but new drugs will be available and they will be able to take care of most cases, and hospitals will be able to cope with the influx of patients." In a few years, I hope that we will really be able to think about the virus only when it is time to get the vaccine. "

In addition to the pandemic, Gates wrote about several other topics in his blog, including blocking the Suez Canal with one ship, as well as WHO approval for the world's first malaria vaccine, expressing his regret over the divorce from his long-time wife Melinda.

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