How much did Donald Trump lose because of his presidential term?

Former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, from the beginning of his term until the end, was different from those who were in that position before him, including Barack Obama, George W. Bush or Bill Clinton...

Numerous former presidents increased their wealth when they left the White House, but Donald Trump's wealth was actually reduced from 3 billion dollars to 2.3 during his term. Although his organization lost $ 700 million during the pandemic, his place on the list of billionaires is still secure. Eric Schiffer, a public relations expert, predicted this: "Trump will leave the presidency with a brutal set of targets that will be focused on his brand, and which will be dangerous for his economic survival, which will probably lead to great losses."

The Corona virus and travel bans affected his resort and hotel line, which was also contributed to by his defeat in the recent elections. The once fully booked $ 500 million Trump International Hotel has now been virtually abandoned, while the Trump family recently put their beloved villa in Palm Beach up for sale.

During his presidency, Trump gave up his $ 400,000 salary, but still earned $ 1.6 billion over four years. However, because of all the above, Trump reached the seventy-seventh place on the Forbes list of the richest Americans at that time.

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