How much Mark Zuckerberg pays for security?

As you probably already know, the most powerful, most popular and most important people in the world do not go anywhere without their personal security…

Still, we could never have imagined how much that prestigious service actually cost them. Take Mark Zuckerberg as an example - the figure he pays his bodyguards reaches $ 23 million! According to a recent report by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Facebook has just paid just that amount of money to secure its CEO.

The statement of the proxy submitted by the company states that "Zuckerberg is a synonym for Facebook, so all negative emotions directly related to the company, are often transmitted to him."

According to the annual reports of the security program, these costs for Zuckerberg and his family increased due to the pandemic and new travel protocols, while security was raised to a higher level during the election season in the United States and other important moments, which further affected figure.

Overall, the costs include Mr. Zuckerberg's private security at his residences and during private trips, including annual expenses for his staff and the procurement, installation and maintenance of security measures at his residences, with an annual "pocket money" of $ 10 million for additional personal security expenses.

The statement further states that “The Committee on Compensation, Nominations and Governance believes that these costs are justified and necessary in a world where death threats are a daily occurrence and with the fact that Zuckerberg has asked to receive a salary of one dollar a year, without bonuses and other compensations ”.

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