Neymar’s already benefitting from move to Saudi league

Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal sent his private Boeing 747 jet worth $500 million to transport Neymar from Paris to Riyadh...

With a golden chair reminiscent of a throne, a reasonably sized dining table, two bedrooms, and a grand piano, the football star relished a gala flight lasting 6 hours.

Sporting superstar Neymar, who switched from Paris Saint-Germain to join Saudi Professional League team Al Hilal, is already experiencing a generous dose of their unparalleled hospitality. Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal dispatched his personal Boeing 747 for the football icon. Last week, we highlighted his $175 million salary, inclusive of incredible privileges like a lavish villa, a private jet we believe has now arrived, and even $635,000 per Instagram post for promoting Saudi Arabia.

But until the sports sensation gets his plane, Saudi hospitality of the highest order takes care of him. The 31-year-old footballer appeared evidently thrilled, as seen in a video shared on Twitter, while posing in front of the private jet. "Off to Riyadh," he said in the video. The Brazilian was welcomed with great fanfare at the King Fahd International Stadium. It was a spectacular affair with diverse music, lights, and fireworks. The welcome was further accentuated by a drone display above the stadium spelling out "Neymar is blue."

Saudi Premier's cousin, Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, traveling with a retinue of 26, owns one of the most luxurious private jet globally. The plane features a spacious lounge, master suites with king-sized beds, private bathrooms, and showers. The lower cabin area has been transformed into a cozy living room with two sofas and lamps for a comfortable ambiance. The formal dining area boasts a vast table suitable for business meetings.

The seats are designed in accordance with all these features, upholstered in leather and equipped with adjustable reclines. The upper section of the plane houses a well-equipped bar for socializing and a 'king' golden chair for the owner of this floating palace. The Boeing 747 includes a designated prayer area with an electronic system always pointing towards Mecca.

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