Speculations Surrounding the Sale of Aston Martin F1 Team: Is the Team's Future in the Hands of the Saudi Fund?

Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll is reportedly considering selling his F1 team, Aston Martin, to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for $800 million due to his son's lack of motivation.

Formula 1's popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, especially in the United States, thanks to the Netflix series "Drive to Survive." While Hollywood is preparing films on this topic, there are rumours that Aston Martin Formula One team could be up for sale, despite Fernando Alonso's outstanding performances this season.

If the rumours are true, the reason for this decision lies in Lance Stroll's poor results and his lack of motivation to continue racing. Lawrence Stroll, a billionaire and the father of the F1 driver, has invested millions of dollars over the years to support his son Lance's racing career. The team was renamed Aston Martin in 2021 after Stroll acquired a stake in the British car company. However, Fernando Alonso's brilliant performances this season have overshadowed Lance's abilities as a driver.


If speculations are accurate, the Canadian billionaire is contemplating selling his F1 team to the newly established Saudi state fund. Negotiations are being led by the Saudi state oil company, Aramco, which is the team's main sponsor. The deal is rumoured to be worth $800 million, a substantial sum for a team that faced financial troubles just a few years ago. However, the Aston Martin team has denied these claims.

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