The biggest political wager ever

Would you ever bet on who will win the presidential election of any country?

This news may surprise many of you, but this practice is almost common in the United States, whose elections are far different from those of the rest of the world. One Briton showed great confidence in Donald Trump, by betting three million dollars that he would secure a second term in the White House. So far, people have invested more than £ 271 million in this bet, with investments being accepted until the result is announced. The stake is expected to be twice as high as in 2016, when the elections were last held.

According to the rumors, the stake of 5 million dollars in the bet is the largest ever used for these purposes. At the same time, we must emphasize that most of the bets are played outside the United States of America, because betting on politics is illegal on their territory.

Also, as we find out, another man from Britain put a million pounds, or 1.3 million dollars, on Biden's victory.

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