The Olympic is on - but who are the richest Olympians?

Many Olympians, winners of gold, silver or bronze medals, represent people who are rich in spirit, but also in money…

As you know very well, the world of sports is filled with numerous challenges. If you want to be successful, you have to be prepared for many sacrifices, constant effort and work and you have to change your life radically sometimes. However, professional athletes who are aware of all this, know that it will pay off in the end, when they celebrate, achieve incredible success and get their first sponsors.

If they win a medal at a prestigious event such as the Olympics, they often receive a premium award from their sponsors, teams and the countries they represent. In case you have ever wondered who the richest Olympians in the world are, we suggest you to sit comfortably and browse our gallery, where we reveal the top 10 list.

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