The oppulent life of the Kuwait royal family

The opulence of Elon Musk and Bill Gates combined pales in comparison to the luxurious lifestyle led by the Kuwaiti royal family. Their palace can accommodate two Disneyland parks, complete with its own network of tunnels. Their immense private fleet of airplanes surpasses that of many airlines.

Geographically small, Kuwait stands as a financial powerhouse. The royal family's extravagant lifestyle is a testament to the wealth this nation possesses. History traces Kuwait's origins as a trade and exchange hub on the Arabian Peninsula centuries ago, under the rule of its first Emir, Sabah I bin Jaber. By 1930, they discovered oil that catapulted them into unimaginable riches. The ruling Al Sabah family is valued at a staggering $360 billion, according to South China Morning Post, making them the second wealthiest family globally, just behind Saudi Arabia's House of Saud. Their wealth stems from oil discoveries and smart investments in finance, real estate, telecommunications, and much more over time.

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