Is there something more attractive than a handsome and successful man?

If you are looking for that unique combination in one man, our list will definitely help. We present you the top 10 hottest and richest CEOs. This list is a unique combination of brains and beauty, wrapped in something that has a lot of power.

10. Andy Dunn $ 1.2 million

CEO of Bonobos, Andy Dunn is 34 years old and graduated from the business school. He took over the rule of the business world in his company, which recorded a steady growth over the years. With the new stores that are rapidly appearing in many locations, he will definitely find a higher position on our list than this next year.

9. Chris Salgardo $ 2 million

With his thick beard, Chris Salgardo is handsome and very rich. He’s 40 years old and is currently the Executive Director of Kiehl's company, which deals with high-quality cosmetics.

8. Stephan Winkelmann $ 2 million

Executive Director of Lamborghini Company is 48 years old, but he definitely attracts a lot of attention in whatever room he steps in. This gentleman was born in Berlin, and was part of the German army. He dresses like a model that advertises these luxury cars and very easily could pass as one of them.

7. Ralph Giles $ 10 million

Executive Director of SRT Motorsports Company, Ralph Giles is 43 years old and is the perfect fit for this company. His bold look gives him a chance to simply intervene among celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel. He is head of the Chrysler division and is a perfect blend of good looks and life experience.

6. Jeremy Stoppelman $ 111 million

Jeremy Stoppelman is 35 years old and is executive director of Yelp Company. He is interested in business and technology, and managed to change the rating of many companies with the help of its popular site.

5. Jeff Weiner $ 200 million

When Jeff joined LinkedIn Company, it had only 33 million users. Today, the company has more than 225 million members and is still growing rapidly. With 43 years, Jeff is one of the most successfull CEOs from our list.

4. John Daymond  $ 250 million

What more can you say about the founder and CEO of FUBU company? Daymond is an attractive executive director who loves to be on camera, and he can be seen in the TV series Shark Tank. Fubu company recorded an increase in sales of over $ 4 billion since it John launched it.

3. Ben Lerer $ 1.6 billion

Ben Lerer is the executive director of Thrillist Media GRUOP, one of the leading lifestyle websites for urban men. He’s 31 and with its position of executive director, he also deals with the programming, sales and editorial. He is very personable and intelligent and reasonably located at the very top of our list.

2. Richard Branson $ 5 billion

Executive Director of Virgin Company, Richard Branson, who is 63, is a perfect example of bold looks, brains and muscles. He is currently the founder of over 400 different companies. He became a billionaire through his own efforts, and he promised to donate half of his money for philanthropic purposes.

1. Elon Musk $ 11 billion

Tesla Company from one year records their growth, which can make notes as a result of Elon Musks work. With plans to create the first self-driving car, we are confident that we will see more of this gentleman in the future.

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