Women in positions of directors were once a rarity in the business world, in which the male dominated...

However, times are changing, and now the ladies are equally represented in the business world and often lead their companies to achieve high and remarkable successes. We present to you our list of the top 10 beautiful, successful and wealthy executive director.

10. Tyra Banks $ 90 million

Tyra Banks may be located at number 10 on our list, but she is among the richest executive director. This former model, television host and television icon, now dominates the world of business and has over 90 million dollars in her pocket.

9. Alexa Von Tobel US $ 100 million

Ninth lady on our list is Alexa Von Tobel, who "weights" 100 million dollars. She left the Harvard Business School and successfully launched LearnVest company. Its online community gives you the ability to manage your finances with very little effort.

8. Sophia Amoruso $ 250 million

Tattooed Sophia Amoruso is located on the eighth position, with a value of approximately $ 250 million. She is 29 years old and started her empire called Nasty Gal, like e-bay online store that specializes in women's clothing. It now has a customer base of more than 550,000 and about $ 100 million in annual revenue. Nasty Gal company was appointed as the fastest growing retail companies by Inc. magazine.

7. Marissa Mayer $ 300 million

Former Google CEO, and the current executive director of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is the seventh on our list, and is worth about $ 300 million. In Google, she was the first female engineer who was climbing the corporate ladder to the position of vice-president, after which she moved into a competitive company Yahoo. Ever since she became CEO, she gave new life to the site Flickr, created a new home page layout and acquired the company Tumblr.

6. Jennifer Hyman  $ 300 million

Rent the Runway executive director Jennifer Hyman is sixth on our list with a value of $ 300 million. She developed the idea for her company one day when she and her sister did not have anything to wear. As a result, she created a business that rented designer dresses and accessories. In the beginning, it was an online company, and is now available in the form of real stores.

5. Tory Burch $ 1 billion

Number five is ranked Tory Burch, who can sleep at night easily because she is worth a billion dollars. She has created a billion-dollar industry in less than ten years and established Tory Burch Foundation, which invests in businesses of women around the world.

4. Hayley Barna and Katie Beauchamp $ 1 billion

Hayley Barna and Katie Beauchamp occupy third and fourth place on our list, and with good reason.

3. Hayley Barna and Katie Beauchamp $ 1 billion

They are both Birchbox executive directors, which deals with personal care, and they both have a value of one billion dollars. They met at Harvard Business School, so their adventure began.

2. Leslie Blodget $ 1.7 billion

Executive Director of the company Bare Escentuals, Leslie Blodget, is located on the second place on our list and is worth about $ 1.7 billion. Her company started as a small manufacturing facility of bath and body care, and soon after, she noticed the opportunity to sell cosmetics that is based on healthy minerals. Having teamed up with QVC, its sales have soared to the heavens, and the company was sold to the Japanese beauty mogul, Shiseido.

1. Dylan Lauren $ 7.5 billion

The daughter of Ralph Lauren and founder of Dylan's Candy Bar Company, is located in the first place on our list. She founded the most famous and largest candy store in the world, launched in 2001. There were rumors that her famous father wanted to make a perfume named Dylan, but she persuaded him no to. She wanted her name to be linked exclusively to her brand.

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