Unbelievable: mother deleted her daughter's social media account with 1.7 m followers

It is not easy to be an influencer, which many of us who have tried to achieve the fame of the most successful among them, know very well…

When you are in that role, you automatically become an idol to many, influencing people you have never seen or met in real life. As much as influencers influence their followers, the number of followers can affect influencers - the more followers, the greater their validation, but we must ask ourselves what it actually represents, since all the figures we see on social media can be bought, when is loyalty seasonal and subjective? Will your followers be with you if you decide to take a break from social media, express an opinion that is not popular, or do not support some reason that is important to most of them? It is clear that these people are under a lot of pressure, and this is especially true for teenagers who have millions of followers and try to serve suitable content every day.

With that perspective in mind, you have to agree with Fernanda Rocha Kanner, the mother of a fourteen-year-old influencer from Brazil. She took one very radical step and deleted all of her daughter’s social media accounts, describing TikTok and Instagram as very unhealthy environments. Valentina, known online as Nina Rios, is a teenager who had more than 1.7 million followers. What led her mother to delete her accounts? Well, Fernanda was not impressed with the 30 identical selfies and dances that anyone can do, which make up most of the content her daughter posts. "I don't want her to advertise flammable polyester clothes made in China. I don't want my brilliant daughter to do her daily dance acts like a trained baboon. It is sad that a generation sees this as fame. "

Fernanda also added that she does not want Valentina to grow up believing that she is the "character" she represents on social networks. And while many condemn her move, taking into account important topics such as mental health, self-image and the need for constant validation, it is important to protect children when you are able to do so.

Valentina commented on her mother's decision: "Of course I wasn't happy, I was angry." The teenager is not sure when and if she will return to social networks at all. Considering that "mothers know best", Fernanda's action may be harsh now, but it will bring her a lot of good in later life.

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