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Saunas are a place of relaxation and enjoyment, detox and wellness ...

This time we present to you the largest public sauna, which is located in the Arctic Circle. Believe it or not, this location has become a place where this cumbersome sauna is located, although it is primarily known for its icy temperatures. This new investment, that created a lot of attention, can present a real makeover of this destination which is otherwise undesirable.

Sauna is designed in a very interesting way - it is presented in the form of a pyramid, and made of wood. 150 people can enjoy the benefits of the sauna experience in the same time. The name of this project is the Agora, and it was built for SALT - the first Arctic Arts Festival, on a remote Norwegian island Sandhornoya.

Four cumbersome stoves provide this sauna heat. While you enjoy the charms of this famous wellness treatments, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views which glass walls of the structure can offer. Particularly interesting will be enjoying and watching the phenomenon of the aurora borealis.

Otherwise, the Agora at the same time can be amfiteratar, and features a bar with a capacity for 100 people.


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