INTERVIEW: A powerful player in the premium brand market - HUAWEI

Moćni igrač na tržištu premijum brendova - HUAWEI

Mister Wang Yanmin, president of the Huawei Device group for Central-Eastern Europe and Nordic region, recently visited us...

Huawei confirms its part of a premium brand on the worldwide market...

Mister Wang Yanmin, president of the Huawei Device group for Central-Eastern Europe and Nordic region, recently visited Serbia and talked with us about the ambitious plans of Huawei brand and continuous investments in research, development and innovations sector, which led to the enormous popularity of their products.

Huawei products and services are available in over 170 countries worldwide today, and are being used by more than one third of the global population, thus achieving third place in the ranking in the delivery of mobile phones in 2016.

Exclusively for Lux Life magazine, mister Yanmin spoke about brand strategy, the mobile phone market in Serbia, and the latest star of Huawei brand, as well as collaborations with famous and successful individuals.

1. How would you describe the road of Huawei brand since its very beginning to todays’ position of one of the top three manufacturers of smartphones in the world?

I think that passion is the most important thing, no matter what you do. Since its very beginning, Huawei jealously keeps and nurtures its passion, in order to give its’ users the very best experience of using smart devices and there are no compromises in that area. We try to create new devices which surpass their predecessors and give their users understanding, simplicity, ease of use, bespoke design and adaptability to their needs. The time during which we used mobile phones only for calling or texting is long gone, and we used that time to penetrate into the smallest pores of the human need for technology, and the technology needs for man. That turned out to be a very productive method which led Huawei to the position where it is today. We’re proud because our devices are recognized all over the world as high quality, reliable and affordable.

2. Are you content with your current position? Is Huawei creating strategic campaigns in order to increase its recognisability?

We are happy with our current position, but our mission doesn’t end there. Huawei has a lot more to give to all the people around the world; our research centres are hubs for a large number of world acknowledged experts in various areas of technology, design, contemporary production methods application and collaboration with industry leaders. Campaigns which follow each our product and business endeavour are their inevitable part, but for us, the most important thing is to create a device which will justify the campaign which speaks about it. The phone which I have in my hand is the final result of a whole array of processes – from the initial idea, through research and development, to creating the product and campaign which will give it life and position it where it belongs, in the world, as well as in its’ users’ life.  

3. So far, you have had many collaborations with many successful celebrities including Henry Cavill, Scarlett Johansson, Lionel Messi, Brooklyn Beckham, and Robert Lewandowski… Is that the secret for success?

I believe that the secret of success is in true value. The value of the device itself, but also in the value which the device has in users’ everyday life. We collaborate with successful individuals from many fields with joy, because we believe that our devices are like that as well – each is successful in its own way, perfect, very affordable on one side, and extremely desirable on the other.

4. Do you, as a successful man, have any advice for young experts and entrepreneurs?

The advice which I gladly give to anyone is the fact that you should always follow your dreams and believe in the power of a good idea and its’ even better execution. You must be unflinchingly dedicated and thorough on that road. Attention to details is what makes the difference between excellent and average. Time is a very important factor as well, because, it’s not always the right time for some ideas. You have to be patient and persistent, you need to rule strong facts and an even stronger belief.

5. What do you think about the large presence of mobile devices in our lives today?

Mobile devices today make our lives easier. They give us the possibility of communicating with our loved ones and important people in our lives in any given moment; we can carry our whole business in our pocket; we’re connected to the whole world and the possibilities of personal development and advance are, thanks to mobile devices, larger than ever. Still, we need to have moderation in everything, including mobile devices usage. We need to get to know their real purpose and usage value, and clearly distinguish it from the one we attach ourselves, because it is simply interesting to us. Mobile devices carry a whole new world with them and a large number of industries and occupations which have, thanks to them, emerged and which create countless new possibilities for the future.

6. What is the biggest difference in mobile devices usage in the markets you lead?

Market for which I am responsible consists of 26 countries. Each of them has different culture, language, consumer habits, and life standard and simply, breathes differently. I am very proud of these differences, or to be more specific, of the fact that in one such large and global surrounding, Huawei brand easily finds its way to the users’ hearts and successfully fulfils all their needs. We are extremely committed to harmonizing all these markets and adapting to their details, which is a big challenge, but also a great indicator that Huawei has great intentions and is ready to continue its great journey around the world. We grow with each and every market and it is very important for us be to recognized in each of them as a company and a trust worthy brand.

7. The latest star of the Huawei phone family, Mate 10 Pro, arrived on the market in great style. What makes Mate 10 Pro so special?

Mate 10 series is the perfect evidence that intelligent phones are our reality. A large number of people from around the world is starting to believe that as we speak. Above all, Mate 10 Pro is the first phone with AI based chipset – it learns processes, memorizes them and makes everyday activities easier for its user. Its’ Offline dictionary revokes all language barriers, the Object recognition options offers a completely new experience in usage of smart devices, while the brand new 360 camera offers something completely different from everything else you could see or use. Unique characteristics of Mate Pro device are going on and on, just like our ideas and hard work on making each device perfect. As always, we gave great attention to its refined design, advanced processor, even better dual camera which has become our trademark a long time ago… Mate 10 Pro is, simply put, a real technological marvel and a device that surpassed all user expectations.

As the previous Mate series, this one also has a model which exudes luxury, and this special design emerged as a consequence of our collaboration with Porsche brand – it is the Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10, which will be available on selected markets.

8. In your opinion, how much did the mobile phones industry change in the last five years? Is a mobile phone today a status symbol?

The mobile devices industry is developing unconceivably rapid at any moment, and in the last 5 years there has been a great shift in their production and use. There are more and more options, the specifications and performances are getting better and better, each device offers something new and goes one step further, even though their essence is still basically the same. And that’s really amazing. This game won’t stop as long as we have new ideas for improving and creating something that’s nothing alike to any other previous experience, because, we must admit, our mobile phones today, know us better than we know ourselves. Mobile phone today is an inevitable tool in hands of each man – for some it presents a status symbol, while others see it as a mean of communication. Every person can give it his or her own use, and that is a really special kind of motivation for us.

9. Mobile phones market in Serbia is developing quite fast. Does Huawei keep up with this pace?

We are very proud of the growth we achieved in Serbia in the last two years. Our main goal is to keep up this growth trend which we have so far established and to further develop in all fields. We truly believe that each country of this region is very important for us and special in its own way, and Serbia fits perfectly in this vision. Development on Serbian market is crucial for Huawei brand and the whole Balkan region.

10. What can we expect from Huawei brand in 2018?

Huawei, as company dealing with technology, must be connected with its users and constantly fulfilling their needs. We are following the accelerated development of today non-stop and at the same time, we’re adapting our products to those changes, as well as their users around the globe. For us, the future is now and it arrived with Mate 10 Pro phone. We enter 2018 with great plans and many things are ahead of us.


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