Nemanja Jaglicic - Architect of Success and Innovation in the IT World

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In the dynamic world of technology, where innovation and business success often go hand in hand, there are few who stand out with their ability to predict the future and shape it according to their vision...

Nemanja Jaglicic, director of the Belgrade office of WongDoody, a company that is part of the global technology giant Infosys, is one such leader. With his unique approach combining technical expertise and strategic leadership, Nemanja has become synonymous with success in the business world and innovation in the IT industry. In this interview, Nemanja reveals the key aspects of his career, the challenges, and the strategies that have defined his success.

Can you tell us more about yourself and your career at oddity? How did you come to the position of office director, and what are your responsibilities?

My career has been quite diverse, and I made my first steps in the IT industry at the age of 27. I particularly devoted myself to the IT industry around 2009-2010, working as a full-stack developer before focusing on backend programming. At the end of 2017, through a recruitment agency, I joined oddity, where I was responsible for laying the groundwork for business in the newly opened Belgrade office. My path to the position of director was challenging but fulfilling, as I managed to build a strong foundation for our office with the support of the founders and the team. This role allowed me to combine my technical knowledge with management skills, which was key to our success.

When was oddity founded, and what does it do, what is its activity?

oddity was founded in 2000 in Stuttgart by two friends, who are still at its helm today, along with two other partners who joined later. Their vision was to create a company that differed from traditional business models, focusing on a 'people-centered' approach. As a digital agency, our range of activities is very broad, including collaboration with leading European and global brands like BOSCH, Mercedes, AGCO, BASF, T-Mobile and Disney. We provide services in the digital, creative, and marketing sectors, where progressive technology meets a creative approach.

As you may know, oddity entered the Serbian market in 2018, and as a result of careful strategic planning and some lucky circumstances, Belgrade office was opened. Due to its strategic position, as well as the difference in market value and resource quality between Germany and Serbia, Belgrade was one of the main choices, just like our vision, although we actually started without a definite plan, but with a strong desire for success. Over the past six years, our vision has further expanded, and the trust we have built is extremely strong. In addition, Belgrade is a great hub connecting the rest of Europe as our capital.

2022 was a year of significant change for oddity – the company was acquired by Indian Infosys. Can you tell us how this acquisition came about and what changes it brought?

The acquisition by Infosys was a very significant moment for us – even before it happened, we could feel that oddity was heading in that direction, and the mere knowledge of the acquisition led to many pieces falling into place. I was very excited and positive, as it opened the door for collaboration with one of the largest technology giants, and allowed us to think much further in terms of technological development and expanding our capacities.

After Infosys, WongDoody also came into play, which was a logical continuation of the whole story. WongDoody was acquired by Infosys before us, leading to additional changes. In fact, oddity and WongDoody have a similar way of doing business, which made integration much easier for us. The changes were certainly significant, especially if we look at the number of employees and market expansion. WongDoody was founded in 1993 in the United States, where it already had a great position in the domestic market, which opened new opportunities for us to grow.

What exactly does the name WongDoody mean, and is there any meaning behind this brand name?

Although it sounds a bit unusual, the company name WongDoody is actually a synthesis of the surnames of two founders, Tracy Wong and Patrick Doody. They wanted their company to have a creative name that would arouse a certain level of intrigue and make people think about the meaning of their name. We can say that WongDoody reflects the spirit of creativity and originality, which is certainly a key element of our brand.

Belgrade thus becomes one of the WongDoody centers. What exactly does this entail and what specific changes in operations does it bring for the Belgrade office?

Becoming part of the WongDoody network meant a series of changes for the Belgrade office, but what makes us proud is that the essence and core values remain untouched. This includes our organizational culture, vision, and brand identity. Integration is a process that takes time, and we theoretically had two integrations, first with WongDoody, then with Infosys. Maintaining and enhancing our values that we have built over the years is our primary focus. In addition, joining a massive system like Infosys opened up numerous new opportunities for collaboration and business expansion.

What are WongDoody's goals in the local market, and what plans do you have?

One of our main goals is to better position the WongDoody brand in the local market. We are thinking of first introducing our clients to the changes that have taken place, emphasizing that oddity is now part of the larger WongDoody brand. We plan to improve our connection with local IT communities through various activities, such as lectures and panel discussions. We see local IT companies not as competitors, but as potential partners. Our goal is to create a strong, mutually beneficial network that will contribute to the development of the IT sector in Serbia.

Nemanja Jaglicic’s journey from a programmer to a director in the IT world is impressive and inspiring. His journey through oddity, now part of the global giant Infosys and WongDoody, is an example of how a passion for technology, dedicated work, and visionary leadership can come together to achieve exceptional results. Nemanja's work in Belgrade, which is part of the global WongDoody network, is proof that Serbia plays a significant role in the world's IT map, and his vision continues to shape the future of digital innovations in the region.

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