INTERVIEW: Fausto Filippetti

Fausto Filippetti, founder and owner of Filippetti Yacht company from Mondolfo, talks about the yacht of his dreams, Daemon 75’, which was presented in 2008, what makes it different from the other yachts and why it is so exceptional...

1. How was the idea of Deamon born?

Daemon is not just an idea but rather the result of a specific desire of mine: creating something really innovative, realizing a yacht incomparable for design and performance. Daemon proposes itself as a yacht destined to break with tradition and become a new design and performance benchmark.

2. Who is Daemon’s designer?

Daemon is a work of my friend Luiz de Basto, the famous Portuguese designer.

3. Daemon’s design is really special, but what in its line can make it unmistakable among other yachts of its same rating?

Daemon is fruit of my personal will to realize a yacht far from conventional taste. For that, not a detail, but the whole line of Daemon contributes to render it unique. It has an extravagant and sophisticated design, exclusive lines. Its very narrow hull presents one of his most distinctive features. It offers a minimum resistance to the water, giving you a breathtaking experience of 55 knots (in Daemon 75 version S), a record for this rating.

4. What is its most salient feature of its beauty?

Daemon is unique in all its design, but the deck represents one of its unmistakable features. Entirely enclosed by a glass panel divided into three sections, whose two are retractable – just next to the bridge –, it gives to the boat more comfort and brightness. In the dinette and in the VIP stateroom, the ceiling is a window onto the sky. For a room which is really luminous during the day and full of atmosphere at night.

5. Daemon is a boat with excellent performances: what car it could be compared to?

Telling the truth, Daemon cannot be compared to any car: it is one and only. We could just say that it owns the power and the sportsmanship of a Porsche, the refinement of an Aston Martin and the exclusiveness of a Bentley.

6. What is the first detail of Daemon interiors which attracts the attention?

The characteristic modernity of the furnishings, all in high-tech style. Natural materials and leading-edge technological solutions – e.g. acrylic, crystal glass, leather and Corian®, combined with the most precious woods, as mat oak, wengè, lacquered okumè and solid teak.

7. Could you tell us something about Daemon’s technology?

Daemon delivers the power of two MTU, or alternatively, 2 CAT engines. It can be controlled comfortably sitting down, thanks to the innovative electronic trim control joystick inserted in the arm of the chair. Its extremely lightweight hull and superstructures are made using the modern vinyl ester resin infusion system. The pulpit is LED lit, the bottom boards and the structural supports are of fiberglass. In Daemon, even the tender beaching system is a new concept: a trolley effortlessly recovers it by transporting it gently to the surface of the water.

8. Who is Daemon’s ideal ship owner?

Daemon is a good and refined “luxury toy”, and so ideal for sophisticated people who love high speed, diversion and amusement. Daemon is perfect for anyone who wishes to stay on board just with family or intimate friends.

9. What about Daemon’s range?

It has been scheduled the production of three models. Daemon 75 – hull number 1 – version S has two staterooms, two MTU 2435 hp engines and propulsion of Arneson ASD 15 L. Daemon 75 – version standard –, provided with three staterooms, two CAT 1.925 hp. We have also scheduled the production of a Daemon 70, with three staterooms and two CAT 1.925 hp.





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