In April this year, just as every year before,Milanhas been marked as the world capital of design. Neither the biggest fair halls inEuropeweren’t sufficient to present new projects of the designers from all over the world, so the whole city turned into some sort of fair. Exhibitions were held literally throughout the whole city, at over 1000 locations.

Currently the most famous French designer for the first time presented his self-titled brand and new branded creations in collaboration with Steiner, Guerlain, Christofle, Gorenje, Alrtro-supergriff, Stepevi, Forge de laguiole, JC Dacaux, Corian – entirely in black.

Located at the Magna Pars, in the Tortona Street, designer colony of Milan, this precious exhibition, with all presented products reveals a larger story about a young designer and his excellent cooperation with major luxury brands such as new bottles of Heineken, Ora-Gami collection of furniture with Steiner, special series of graphite collection Gorenje, design of Sagem phones, Toyota Show room in Champs Elysees, Paris etc. Weather they are designed for his brand, joint-branded partnership or a completely different brand, creations are marked with his concept, ‘Simplicity’ – ability to simplify a complex subject.

In an interesting conversation we discover the wittiness of our collocutor…

1.Two years ago you were in Serbia, what is your opinion about our country?

O.I.  InBelgrade, I was more than once. I really like the culture of your country.Belgradeis the city with phenomenal energy and for sure I will come again. The thing that I cannot erase from my memory, and the first thing that comes to my mind when I think ofBelgradeare your girls, they are beautiful.

2. In Serbia you are famous for the design of the bottle that you did for Heineken, is it true that you earned 5 cents for each sold bottle?

O.I. Heineken is making me rich (smiling)

3. What do you think about Serbian design, would you single out something that you particularly like?

O.I. I don’t divide designers by their origin and nationality, and I have respect for everything that is good, new and different.

4. How do you see the future?

O.I. Beautiful…

5. Your favorite design?

O.I. I cannot single out one project in particular, I like everything I do.

6. Favorite spot in your home?

O.I. Bed.

7. Where do you find inspiration, where do you fuel yourself with energy?

O.I.  I steal them (Ora Ito said, with laughter)

8. What do you think of the mini STUDIO magazine?

O.I. I like its style and simplicity… as well as the mini format…

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