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The world's largest rainforests are located in the Amazon, Congo and Southeast Asia, but sometimes it is not necessary to go so far to enjoy their beauty and magnificence...

In fact, the people of the United States now have the opportunity to approach a rainforest, located not so far from them. Canada has a wide range of natural wonders and beautiful landscapes, which we cannot list. Decades ago, naturalists from all continents visited this country to enjoy the Great Bear Rainforest, an area over 400 kilometers long, located off the coast of British Columbia. The beautiful Canadian rainforest is full of wildlife and it is possible to see wild species such as cougars, deer, chamois, salmon, while Kermode bears are definitely the main stars of the whole show.

Traveling to Canada may be easy for their neighbors, as they only need a passport, but the rest of the world, depending on where they are, is given the option to bypass the visa regime and enter this country with an eTA permit. eTA is a travel authorization that can be obtained much more easily than a Canadian visa, or temporary residence permit in this country. Currently, tourist travel via an eTA permit is the best option.

According to National Geography, the best time to visit the Great Bear Rainforest is between late August and mid-October, when thousands of salmon return upstream along the river, bringing bears with them, while the best time to fish in this area is from April onwards until October. Unlike salmon, there are plenty of other fish species throughout the year, and if visitors want to see white Kermode bears out of season, it takes too much luck and skill from local experts and guides with good tracking skills for these animals.

Accommodations Great Bear Rainforest

To access this beautiful, remote rainforest location, all guests need local accommodations and there are several options to choose from. When embarking on a Great Bear Rainforest tour, guests of the reserve can stay at Tweedsmuir Lodge Camp, or one of the 11 houses and huts located within it. This complex is located in the middle of the Tweedsmuir Provincial National Park, which covers sixty hectares.

Accommodation at the Tweedsmuir Lodge complex from late August to mid-September offers guests the opportunity to travel the Atnarko River to enjoy a unique grizzly bear tour. If any of the visitors are not interested in sailing on the river or tours with beautiful bears, the other benefits that this resort offer will be quite enough to fulfill all their wishes.

Another very interesting offer is King Pacific Lodge, a floating resort located in Bernard Harbor. These accommodations consist of 17 luxury rooms and are open from June to September. However, this loggia can only be accessed by seaplane. King Pacific Lodge accommodations offer a full range of interesting amenities and activities, which include guided tours and transport of all kinds, and meals.

Spirit Bear Lodge is a waterfront resort that also offers impressive cultural heritage tours lasting three to seven days. Between June and July, all visitors to this resort complex can enjoy stunning views of turbulent waterfalls and lush flowering plants, while August offers hiking through the woods and enjoying views of the wildlife. In September and October, they offer all guests stunning river waterfalls, salmon returning for mating and beautiful bears to accompany them, determined to eat well before embarking on the hibernation process.

The experience of all the tours offers the maximum of such a trip

When visiting the Great Bear Rainforest rainforest, it is very important that guests decide which tours they want to enjoy, as the all-inclusive package covers the largest possible needs. Since the resort is located in a remote location, transport and regular meals are needed first of all. Because large parts require seaplanes, finding and purchasing a package that includes transportation is a very important benefit.

Explore the surrounding restaurants

Enjoying the view of nature, rainforest and numerous species of wild animals is definitely an enchanting, but also exhausting experience, so the choice between several locations for relishing food is provided, depending on the wishes of the guests.

Anyone who loves fish and potatoes can visit Dolly’s Fish Market. Despite the fact that the Dolly restaurant is not an overly luxurious or extravagant dining option, it is quite crowded during the summer and provides everything a seafood and river lover could wish for. Other places for delicious meals are the Bella Coola Valley restaurant. It is possible to find plenty of eclectic options in this space, but the locals always recommend juicy burgers, grafted with everything one can imagine.

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