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Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind and relax or for a location for an important event, Artimino is the right place for you.

Plunged in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, among olive trees and vineyards, the exclusive resort welcomes you with its perfect mix of enchanting tradition and comfortable modernity.

Artimino, a 732 hectares estate, not far away from Florence and Arno river, is composed of the ancient Medici villa “La Ferdinanda” built in 1596, impressive in size and swathed in greenery, owes its name to Ferdinando I de Medici. Another splendid part of the Artimino estate is the charming hotel “Paggeria Medicea”.

This is an exclusive hotel with a park, large swimming pool, a tennis court and various accommodation possibilities, offering comfort of technology together with the extraordinary scenery of Tuscan countryside.

Biagio Pignatta restaurant offers traditional dishes prepared with ingredients directly produced by the Artimino farm, olive oil and wines, among which the renowned Carmignano wine.

Grand Duke of Artimino hamlet, not far from the villa, preserves an almost unchanged medieval structure. It is situated in the heart of an area rich in Etruscan archaeological finds, boasting more than 400 years of history.

The Medicis appreciated it and lived there during the golden age of their supremacy, during the Renaissance.

More about this destination of excellence you can find within the glamorous event"24 hours of Elegance," on September 6th at the Grand Casino Belgrade.

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