Corona conquered the biggest nudist resort in the world

The world's largest nudist resort will have to reconsider its "dress code"…

If you have ever visited a nudist beach, then you know what it means - people enjoy the sun and water, in their “birthday suites”, without a piece of cloth on them. Cap d’Agde Naturist Village in the south of France, the largest nudist beach in the world, will have to reconsider its rules and introduce one obligatory piece of fabric - a protective mask.

The corona virus pandemic has affected this part of the world, with almost 150 positive cases. The resort near the beach for lovers of "natural life" is visited by about 35,000 people every year. Officials say that 95 people who stayed here were positive for the corona virus, while an additional 50 who passed through this place also received positive test results on their return home. The first round of testing involved 490 people, while 95 were infected, and an additional 310 results are currently being analyzed.

Cap d’Agde Naturist Village is also known as “Naked City” and it is a place where nudity is a must, even for people who are not staying there. People can be naked in restaurants, boutiques, post offices, banks and of course, long public beaches.

Local authorities received no objections to anything else during the corona virus pandemic, except for people who gather in large groups without a mask. The general director of the hospital in this part of the world, Pierre Ricordo, stated that social distancing was probably not respected as much as it was necessary. "Infections are everywhere, even among people who are not so free. The message is the same for everyone - wear a mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing, whatever your choice is,” he said.

He also asked all potential tourists to consider postponing their vacation until the situation stabilizes.


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