Cuba is island that will give you enjoyment in rich culture, taste of rum and tobacco, where you will have moments to remember...

Republic of Cuba is emerald between Caribbean Sea, Mexican bay and Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by Bahamas and USA, Cayman Islands and Jamaica, Haiti and Mexico. Thanks to tropical climate temperatures are around 25 degrees.

Meeting Cuba means getting more than you hoped for. Cuba was occupied by Spain in 16th century. In next few decades local residents were almost all killed by slavery and diseases from Europe. Thousands of slaves from Africa were brought to Cuba to fill the emptiness. That is when independence fight started.

Despite problems, residents kept their recognizable spirit. Capital is Havana, on the west coast of natural harbor. Famous Street Plaza de la Revolution has two statues for two most important persons in Cuban revolution – Che Guevara and José Martí.

Varadero is second city by size and it is on north shore of Cuba, around 120 km from Havana. Famous by 20 km long beach, with white sand. Most famous beach in Cuba is without any doubt Cayo Cocco beach in central part of Cayo Cocco Island.


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