Five reasons to visit the most beautiful island of the world

If you cannot decide where to go on a tropical vacation, you might want to look a little further away from the Caribbean...

Second time in a row, Palawan was declared the best island of the world. Located on the west of the Philippines, Palawan is a destination known for its lush rainforest and peaceful, quiet beaches. Here you will see mainly locals and very few tourists. We have decided to give you five reasons why you should visit this place.

1. An incredible marine life

As people say from Palawan Divers Organizations, crystalline waters that surround it are home to more than 120 species of coral and 800 species of exotic fish. Also, there are a lot of wrecks of sunken ships, which makes it an ideal place for those researchers. Kayaking and diving are very popular activities here, due to the nature and fauna that inhabits this island.

2. Here is the largest underwater river

According to the UNESCO, the largest underwater river is flowing through the cave under the mountains of the island, inside St. Paul National Park. Bakuit Bay is a place you must visit if you want to explore the cliffs and superb beaches El Nida, ideal for relaxation.

3. Favorite destination of Hollywood

The picturesque landscape of this place is seen in numerous films. Also, this place is visited by celebrities such as Madonna or Brad Pitt, because they want to rest and relax out of reach of the public and the noise.

4. There is also a refuge for wild animals

If you visit Calauit Safari Park on the island of the same name, you will be able to see many wild animals in their natural environment.

5. A paradise for lovers of history, anthropology and archeology

If you love these sciences, Palawan is an ideal place for you. In the Tabon cave the oldest remains of Homo sapiens, dating from 47,000 years ago were found.

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