Insider guide through Koh Samui

Koh Samui is known for its beaches which are lined with palm trees, coconuts and dense mountain jungles...

If you ask us, it's one of the best islands for idyllic and romantic holiday. It has everything you need to enjoy - from beautiful beaches, through lush vegetation to the numerous activities that you can indulge in, both in water and on land. If you are planning a trip to this paradise location, here are some things you should do.

Koh Samui is a small island where if you have a car or scooter, you can visit all its interesting sights and discover new and unique city. Of course, if you prefer, you can deal with exploration on foot or on the back of an elephant. Whatever you choose, this is a whole world of fun and adventure.

Best day trip

Day trip to Koh Tao or Angthong National Marine Park are definitely the best option. Koh Tao, Turtle Islands, is easily accessible by speedboat, and when you arrive, you will be thrilled with all the options for divers. In Angthong National Marine Park, you can enjoy diving, kayaking or relaxing on an idyllic beach with excellent lunch.

A dish you have to try

Bai Liang Kai Pad '- it is a local specialty with a particular kind of vegetables and eggs, which you can only try on Koh Samui and the Surathani. It’s not served anywhere else in the world.

Top activity

Thai cooking course is something all the tourists who want to return home with a little more knowledge has to experience. In the resort Six Senses Samui, Thai chef will teach you how to prepare a superb meal and delight your friends and family upon your return. Also, you will get a cookbook and apron as a souvenir.

The best view

Jungle Route 360 ​​is located on the highest point of Koh Samui, at 613 meters above sea level. Therefore, this site gives you the opportunity to enjoy a superb panoramic view. Do not forget your camera if you head here, because you will surely be sorry if you do not make at least a few good photos.

Best shops

Best shops are located in Chaweng, on the road next to the beach. It is a kind of bazaar, which is divided by segments, but here you can find unique jewelry, clothing and many other little things that will become dear memories. Central Festival Samui is the largest shopping complex in this destination.

Best local secret

Unseen journey through Samui is a journey by car through the main streets of this island, during which you will have the opportunity to visit local attractions like Plai Laem temple, Hua Thanon Muslim Bazaar, Kow Pom plantations, Giant Summit lookout, OTOP production of coconut, Tongkrut fishing village, Laem Sor pagoda and cave, as well as Chinese temple in Hua Thanon.

Best family activity

Visit to the Pink Elephant Samui aqua park is definitely something you have to experience, and it is located on a large area near Maenam. It contains a number of high quality fun experiences and service that will come in handy, and the whole family will give the possibility to all-day enjoyment and entertainment.

The best restaurant for a celebration

Dinner on the Rocks experience has a great reputation for serving the best food, prepared with fresh herbs and vegetables. Romantic dinner under the stars, which is a part of this experience will make you fall in love again and feel the spark of love.

Best cocktails with a view

Air Bar in the InterContinental Koh Samui is a unique destination for lovers of cocktails. Mesmerizing color palette of sunset at Koh Samui and countless shades of blue and green in the Gulf of Thailand are what you look out the window while enjoying cocktails prepared by best mixologist known throughout the world.

Museum which you must visit

Art Samui offers its visitors an experience that has the best of art, as well as insight into the artistic pieces that have redefined the scene in Thailand. Art Museum contains many pieces of trick art, which is why it has an incredibly great visit. The trick art is exactly what its name implies - an art form that tricks the human brain to believe that the picture before it is three-dimensional.

After all this, we believe that you will carefully plan your trip to Koh Samui so that each day is filled with activities that you would like to try. Do not forget to leave a little time for worriless enjoyment of its idyllic beaches!


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