Whether this is your first or twentieth visit to China, there is certainly at least one element that will fascinate you again and make you fall in love one more time with this country...

From January 5 to February 25, China becomes magical, icy wonderland. In the Chinese city of Harbin is held the world's largest festival of snow and ice, which words can not describe. Sculptures that on this occasion you can see are the work of the best artists and visionaries who want to share with you a bit of their world of imagination. Also, here is your chance to experience the special winter amenities like a winter fair artistic lighting, ice hotel, sledding with dogs or watching safari Siberian tigers. Unique benefits await you around every corner. If you just want something quieter and more traditional vacation, you can go ice skating, skiing or romantic sleigh ride through the scenic countryside. Magic velvet white noise will enter into your soul and make you fall in love winter.

China is the oldest civilization in the world and can always introduce something new to us as part of its history - in fact, its history reveals to us around every corner. Three decades of rapid development have taken their toll and somewhat detrimental to the antique look of the country, but have given us the opportunity to enjoy superb amenities. With its Great wall, mysterious tradition, temples on the mountain tops, peaceful villages and towns on the water, China is an ideal place for exploration, introspection and relaxation. Everything you need for a perfect visit to China is a pair of good walking shoes and stomach to try their food interesting.

Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are portraits of modern China. Shopping in Hong Kong or cycling through beautiful countryside, Jiangsu, China's landscape is something that must be experienced. Hong Kong is a unique kaleidoscope of different elements that are ideally matched, like pieces of the puzzle. It is a city that has amazing intensity of life - full of interesting shopping malls and street markets, while on the other hand, the traditional site filled with Taoist temples where monks predict the future. . Another specificity of Hong Kong is the stairs. The city is divided into three parts: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories, and all are in the hills so it was necessary to create the easiest way to navigate. Therefore, there are escalators outdoors, and in the Central district is the longest escalator in the world Mid Levels Escalator.

China acts as a hundred different moods, landscapes and countries connected into one. Neon towns, remote villages, deserts, smoky markets and antique artifacts - these are all new adventure around every corner. Even after a whole life spent in China, there would still new things to see, taste, admire them and experience them in the true sense of the word.

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