Megève: Your French Alps Travel Guide


Megève is located in the southeast of France, not too far from the Italian and Swiss borders.

It has been a popular skiing destination for nearly a hundred years, first being a favourite among the rich and famous, although it is now much more accessible despite remaining an affluent area. This small town is still largely regarded as a hidden gem, and it is well worth considering if you are planning a trip to the French alps. Read on to learn more.

An Overview

There are several areas within the French Alps that are so popular among tourists that during the on-season, they are so crowded and busy. However, as mentioned above, Megève is rather a hidden gem still. While it does get a little busy during the school holidays or on sunny weekends with visitors from nearby Geneva, it is still far less likely to be busy and packed out. In terms of the ski slopes, some of the lifts and fixtures could do with a facelift and an upgrade, but there isn't any bottlenecking, and there is a lot of room on the pistes. There are a number of runs at different levels, so there should be something for skiers of all abilities. The town itself is quaint, and the cobbled streets do give you a lot of options for exploring. Finally, the views of Mont Blanc are truly spectacular too. In terms of accommodation, there is also a wide range of options. If you really want to splash out, then Fée Pour Vous Luxury Properties offers a number of luxury chalet rentals for you to consider.

The Slopes

Megève is suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. A two-day pass to the Portes du Mont Blanc will set you back just under seventy euros, and it gives you access to around 100km of pistes. If this is not going to be enough, then for an additional fifty euros, you can upgrade your pass to the Evasion Mont Blanc, which gives you 400km to work with. If you want to explore, then you can choose to try a different zone every day of your holiday to find something new, although there are a few areas which are only accessible using drag lifts. Freeriding is not always an option in Megève, but nearby Chamonix offers more choice. The pistes tend to be better maintained, although when it snows and lays fresh powder, new tracks can be found well into the afternoon. Lastly, the freestyle options are perhaps better suited to beginners and even intermediates, which does make it a great place to get the basics down, but it does mean that advanced skiers might not be challenged as much as they would like.

What Else is There to Do?

Obviously, most people go to the Alps for the winter sports; however, if you're there for too long, it could get a little tedious, or perhaps other members of your party don't really like skiing that much. To put it simply, it is important to have other options in terms of leisure pursuits and having things to do. Luckily, in Megève, there are a number of other options at your disposal. Once you are off the mountain, you could choose to do some ice skating, play a round of tennis, go climbing or swim a few laps. The town itself is great for exploring, and there are a number of shops to get lost in. Although a lot of them are pricey, but there's nothing wrong with window shopping. Depending on the time of year that you plan to visit, you might also be able to take advantage of one of the local festivals or events like the Jazz Festival or the DanceSport Open.


Megève is not really known for putting on a good old knees up after a long day of skiing. It isn't an apres ski resort, or at least it isn't in the same way that other resorts in the Alps are. That isn't to say there aren't options. There are more than enough options within the town itself where you can choose to stop for a drink. La Folie Douce does host apres ski parties daily at the top of the Mont Joux lift if you wanted to check them out. In terms of food, there are several great restaurants to try around the slopes, like the Cote 2000 run, which has its own restaurant at the foot of the Radaz lift. Within the town itself, there is 1920, Flocons de Sel, Deli's Corner or the Sel au Sucre, all of which are great options which range in affordability and atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

The French alps is a popular holiday destination for a reason. There is so much to do, see and explore in addition to hitting the slopes, of course. You have a plethora of options in terms of towns, cities and ski resorts, but Megève is definitely worth your consideration, so be sure to bear it in mind when planning your next holiday.

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