Monte Carlo - favorite destination of the wealthy

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There probably is no other place in the world where you can spend your money and time with more fun, than the city of casinos…

Officially, Principality of Monaco doesn’t have a capitol city, but informally, the capitol is Monte Carlo, which is much more than an ordinary city. It is settled on a huge rock which looks like as if it was torn from an Alpine peak and dove into the heart of the Mediterranean. On around 2 square kilometers, about 32.000 people are inhabited. Monte Carlo is known around the world for its casinos, gambling, and glamor and as the place where the famous go on vacation.

Beautiful nature and over 300 sunny days a year were ideal for the rich people and their vacations in the past, and it is the same today. The saying “time is money” has a completely different meaning there – time is not used to make money, or it is not used at all – here, you spend your time and your money together. Monte Carlo is one big shiny casino and a dream of luxury lifestyle, which fall from the sky. And, it is azure sky, quite like the sea beneath it. It is the favorite destination of socialites and famous, not just because of the casinos, but because of the fashion shows and many other events which take place here.

Those who don’t want to gamble, or don’t care about the proximity of famous people can go for a walk around town and enjoy in a plethora of interesting sights. Oceanographic museum, architecturally powerful, scientifically exclusive, with rare collections of sea species and all sorts of things related to the topic is in the nearest proximity to the city. Those of you who are romantic and nostalgic would probably enjoy visiting the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Monaco Ville, where many rulers from the past are buried, along with the favorite and glamorous Grace Kelly. Lovers of history will probably want to visit the Napoleon museum, with artefacts from the Empire age. 

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