Most luxurious travel adventures as a perfect vacation

When money is not a question, every place on our planet can be your next destination...

Whether you've just won the lottery, inherit a fortune, or simply have the desire to spend your money, there are countless reasons for a new trip. We have decided to introduce you to ten destinations that will cost you up to $ 195,000, which will offer you superior accommodation and unforgettable experience.

From the expedition to Antarctica or the African safari which would shame any luxurious suite in the world's metropolis, these trips definitely redefine the sense of luxury.

The best trip to Antarctica

For those who want to enjoy the ultimate luxury holiday, but do not have much time, White Desert offers a one-day trip to Antarctica. Starting from Cape Town, guests board in a private plane and head towards the ice continent. When they arrive, they have about eight hours to explore, and the whole experience ends with a gourmet dinner with luxurious champagne. This adventure lasting less than 24 hours will cost you 195,000 dollars.

The Hilltop Villa - Laukala Island Resort - Fiji

Situated on Laukala Island, this villa offers you unparalleled luxury, at a price of $ 44,000 per night. It is distant from civilization, and it can be reached only via a private road, on an already private island. However, even if you have enough money to book it, your reservation must be approved by the owner of the private island.

Penthouse at Hotel Georges V in Paris

One of the most luxurious hotels in Paris offers you the best view of this city. From its private balcony you can enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River, make some romantic photos or gestures. Within the suite you can expect plenty of luxury, including a marble infinity bath. The price of this penthouse is $ 26,500 per night.

Necker Island

If you want to rest like Richard Branson or Barack Obama, then visit Necker Island. This private island, which is part of the British Virgin Islands, offers you plenty of wildlife and fauna and will give you the opportunity to dive, swim or sail. It is available for rent with a price of $ 80,000 per night, for up to 34 guests.

Africa House at The Royal Malewane - South Africa

Have you heard of "glamping"? Glampers who want to enjoy a safari can choose to stay in a villa with air conditioning, four high-end beds and six rooms. After a day of research and games, guests can enjoy a homemade meal prepared by their private chef, or visit a spa center that is part of this complex and enjoy massage. Accommodation at this resort has a price ranging from $ 15,000 per night, while the entire resort can be rented for $ 51,000 per night.

Chalet Zermatt Peak - Switzerland

After all-day skiing, the rich skiers can rent this five-star lodge together with their thirteen friends. Part of the package also includes private chef services, as well as two massages per day. A week in this Lodge will cost you about $ 57,000, but depending on the season, the price jumps to 191,000.

Royal Penthouse Suite - President Wilson Hotel - Geneva

This exclusive suite is often called the most expensive in the world, as well as the largest in Europe. With a price of $ 80,000 per night, guests who book it receive 12 rooms and over 550 m2 of space. The jewel in the crown of this suite is certainly a terrace that wraps around it and from which you can enjoy the view of the Alps.

Alang Alang Chateau - Cannes, France

For those who prefer not to be bothered with hotels, this Balinese resort in Cannes is a luxurious holiday spot for you and your 15 closest friends. The villa has its own picturesque pool and staff, and its living room is adorned with a dinosaur skull. One night in this villa will cost you about $ 40,000.

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

The Trans-Siberian Railway is definitely the location of numerous literary works. Golden Eagle offers us a luxury trip across this railroad, covered with glamor. Accommodation in this train can certainly be flattered to any luxury hotel - private bathrooms have underfloor heating, laundry facilities are available and, of course, bar wagon with pianist who performs classical hits on grand piano. The 15-day adventure in this train will cost you $ 31,000.

Suite 5000 in Mandarin Oriental New York City

You will not find information on the official website of the Mandarin Oriental hotel about this suite. It is only available to those real connoisseurs of luxury. It is located on the 50th floor of the hotel, and one night in it can be compared with a stay in a professionally arranged New York culture museum. The walls of this apartment are decorated with art inspired by this city, while in the living room you can enjoy records that follow the music scene of the city until the thirties of the last century. One night at Suite 5000 will cost you $ 36,000.

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