Perfect Spring in Japan

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Asia is the land of the rising sun, attracting numerous tourists with its interesting way of life and culture...

Asian cities are certainly wondrous works of nature, as well as architecture. Tokyo is a place that will take your breath away, Kyoto is the center of temples, while the main attraction is climbing Mount Fuji. Wherever you go, whether it's the Imperial mountain or the modern parts of bustling Tokyo, you will be delighted by the beautiful culture of this country, its brilliant organization, and its very specific tradition. Japan is a destination that is best visited during spring. That is when the famous Japanese cherry blossoms bloom, turning the entire country into a magical shade of pink.

If you are preparing for a visit to Japan, you should certainly know that Tokyo is at the top of the list of the best places to live. As the capital of Japan, Tokyo is the world's largest metropolis, consisting of 26 cities, six smaller towns, and eight villages. All these places have merged into a unique whole during a long and glorious history, counting close to 40 million residents. Despite its massiveness, Tokyo is still a very organized city, where the streets are not congested with cars and where all citizens respect strictly defined rules of behavior.

It's well known that Japan is a country of electronics. The Akihabara area is the ideal destination for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the history of this segment of science and the latest achievements in the field. This place is like a real science fiction market, where you can buy the latest and most modern devices of all kinds. Another main tourist attraction that comes from ancient Japan is the Imperial Palace, which many call the very heart of Tokyo. Visits inside the palace are not possible, but enjoying and walking around its surroundings and gardens is allowed. Nature has been generous to this country. Mount Fuji, known worldwide for its peak always covered in snow, has become a symbol of Japan.

The attraction of this magical and mystical country that certainly has the largest tourist visitation each year is Kyoto. As a former capital, today, Kyoto is the most interesting, most attractive, and most visited city in this country. This fact is not surprising when we know that Kyoto is the seat of Japan's ancient culture.

The part of Tokyo with the most shops, restaurants, and nightclubs is certainly Ginza. Here you can also find every major brand, making Ginza a paradise for shopaholics. It is also known for having the most expensive land in the world - a square meter here can cost more than 80,000 euros. During weekends, Ginza becomes a pedestrian zone, and many restaurants open their terraces, making it an attractive tourist destination as well.

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