Summer is approaching very quickly and every day it is one step closer ...

It's time to make plans for the summer vacation and the summer season. We present you premium luxury summer destinations, which come with slightly higher prices, but worth every penny. These are the best destinations in the world - from the bustling city of Rio in Brazil, to the picturesque beauty of Santorini in Greece, and of course the ski resort Gstaad in Switzerland.

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

This bustling city is the best and it has the most popular destination for decades. The picturesque town center is a place with culminating culture that pulsates with history and heritage. Rio will host the 2016 Olympics, and sportsmen and women, as well as millions of their fans are invited to note this destination. While resting in this city, we suggest you to conquer the amazing surfing waves Prainha, explore the nature of Tijuca, dense rain forests, relax on the shores of Ipanema beach and feel the power of the statue of Jesus that overlooks the town.

Turks & Caicos Islands - Caribbean

One of the most beautiful and best preserved beaches in the world, Turks & Caicos are places with beautiful and crystal clear waters, legendary activities and angling adventures. Only a short distance from the east coast of the United States, this island is a classic tropical paradise. This is a very popular destination among the rich and famous who want to enjoy the intimate sunlight. Due to the casual atmosphere and the slow life on this island, here you will not find a noisy night life, which you can see in Aruba or Barbados, but trust us, you will not even miss it.

Capri - Italy

The original Italian island holiday resort of Capri is a favorite place for vacation since the Roman Empire. This island is known for its beautiful natural surroundings overlooking the Blue Grotto. Capri is an island which is a mix of history, nature, world-renowned culture and events that give it life. The two main centers, Capri and Anacapri, are almost entirely devoted to tourism, with fairly high prices. If you engage in exploration and adventure beyond cool cafes and designer boutiques, you'll find that Capri still has its unspoiled charm, with grandiose villas and vegetable plots.

Seychelles - Indian Ocean

Imagine the crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches and lush green hills - no, this is not a dream, this is every day in the Seychelles. This looks like a real paradise for newlyweds, because it is the ideal place for romance, which hides much more than a place to obtain a true summer tan. This archipelago offers you a great number of vigorous activities. There are jungle walks on the beach, boat trips, scuba diving and much more, which will keep you in shape. Ecotourism is well developed here - there are parks and nature reserves, which are filled with endemic species. Seychelles are actually a lot cheaper than you think. In addition to the ultra luxurious options that are abundant, many hotels offer something more convenient and intimate accommodation.

Santorini - Greece

Santorini is the perfect picturesque description of why people love Greece and its many Mediterranean islands. Magnificent sunsets, incredible scenery and warm weather make Santorini destination that is worthy of a postcard. Santorini rises above the sea on the basis of a crescent rock, which was formed after a volcanic eruption. Its white villages descend down the walls, and in particular, Santorini is adorned with churches and windmills. If you visit the town of Oia on the northern coast, you can expect the best possible hotels and glamorous nightlife. Be sure to visit the town of Fira, where designer boutiques and popular bars always full of people.

Tuscany - Italy

Tuscany Region stretches from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its landscape, artistic heritage and excellent Tuscan cities constitute one of the major tourist destinations. In this region, nature has many different faces - from the coast, long sandy beaches interspersed with rocks and steep mountains. Islands of the Tuscan archipelago are surrounded by pure Mediterranean vegetation, crystal clear beaches and rich seas. Tuscany has two very different personalities - there are art cities like Florence, Siena, Pisa and Luca on the one hand, and its sophisticated village on the other. Small towns, villages, castles, villas and vineyards of Tuscany are a welcome change from the noise and traffic of the other major Tuscan cities.

Maldives - Indian Ocean

Tropical paradise with clean beaches, turquoise lagoons and palm trees are the main elements of the Maldives. The Maldives are actually coral islands in the ocean, Mecca of all divers who come just for them and intriguing marine life. Several luxury resorst and islands are internationally recognized for its sustainable, eco-friendly tourism development. Each resort in the Maldives is a private island itself, there is also a whole 100 from which you can choose your favorite.

St Maurice - Switzerland

While in the background loom the snow-crowned Alps over the shimmering lake, wooden huts and modern boutiques are what makes this destination special. The inhabitants of this peaceful city as visitors often have King Carl Gustav of Sweden - St Maurice is a special destination, popular among the rich and famous, as well as among members of the royal family. With a wide range that goes from sleigh rides, hot air balloon ride over to the famous music festivals, here you can work on your tan while sipping a cocktail and enjoy excellent meals. With premium hotels, gourmet restaurants, luxury cabins and ideal landscapes, St Maurice's paradise of the rich and famous.

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