Treat yourself with the most luxurious travel experience in the world

Wouldn't it be great to visit a large number of destinations, accompanied by luxury and enjoyment?

Well, that's exactly what the Four Seasons gives you, with the help of its mega-exclusive Remote Wonders tour. These travel rendezvous promise guests to take them through seven countries over a three-week period as part of a sensational twenty-day experience with a private jet.

Called a new enriching journey, this luxury adventure kicks off inside the A321neo aircraft, featuring 48 unique handmade leather seats, with 200 cm of private space. The trip starts in Dubai and covers Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Seychelles, Tanzanian Serengeti, Rwanda and a total of 19,000 kilometers. As part of this experience, guests will get the opportunity to explore the ancient cities of Hoi An, Angkor Wat and Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, as well as visit the old bamboo forests in Rwanda and eventually relax on the amazing beaches of Seychelles.

This adventure also gives you a 24/7 personal concierge, travel planner, luggage concierge, doctor and private chef. As they say from the Four Seasons brand, this trip provides "personalized adventures in every destination and an even better experience in the sky." The Remote Wonders tour costs $ 270,000 per person and will run from December 31, 2020 to January 20, 2021.

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