Dubai - living among the clouds

Dubai is one of the destinations that we all want to visit ... but, if you recall the not so distant past, it was not so...

Dubai can easily be called one of the most successful Emirates. The most famous of the seven regions that make up the United Arab Emirates, Dubai can be described with two words: eccentricity and luxury. For a little less than thirty years, from a small insignificant fishing village, Dubai has become a fantastic city and a dream destination for many people around the world.

Dubai is now a place of making and flourishing business, where everything you think you can accomplish only if you have enough money. With artificial island complex, the most luxurious hotel of the world, megalomaniac buildings and snowy hall in the middle of the hot desert, Dubai in its small universe contains all the best elements from all over the world.

When you think of this Emirate, to wit falls abundance, bright lights, glass and magnificent buildings, luxury and eccentricity. However, not all residents of Dubai are rich, even though it may seem so at first glance. Pictures that you can see in our gallery are just a few possibilities that this city offers people with deep pockets.

Playing golf on landscaped terrain, skiing and sledding, swimming and life among the clouds were what modern architecture and design allowed this part of the world. When you realize that everything in this city is designed and completed in such a short period of time, you have to wonder what happens to the rest of the world, which continues to stagnate in one place. It seems that money really makes the world go around, and sheiks from this part of the globe have learned how to turn it to their advantage.

Many cities around the world are now trying to create their own versions of authentic luxury of Dubai, creating projects reminiscent of some things that Dubai now offers. In addition to the most luxurious hotel of the world, the highest building of the world, world's largest artificial island, here you can visit the largest shopping center in which absolutely all the luxury brands have their own chartered place, or enjoy the show, which the largest fountain in the world will provide.

The police of this city commute latest supercars - and why won’t they, because they still have to "fight" with the other inhabitants of this city who are the owners of the fastest cars of the world. In a word, everything in Dubai there carries the prefix "most". Looks like Dubai got tired of being the last hole on the flute and the place which is quickly forget, so in the middle of the desert, they created a mirage, an oasis, a place where we have to admire.


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