Exploring Tokyo’s most exclusive areas

If you’re planning a vacation to Japan, chances are you’re going to land in the country’s capital, Tokyo.

The city is Japan’s most visited prefecture and, with its array of temples, culture, vibrant nightlife, museums, and architecture, it’s easy to see why.

But, like many Japanese cities, there is much more to discover than what’s on the surface. Made up of a number of “small” neighborhoods, each with their own unique offering, Tokyo is waiting for its quaint cafes, rustic charm and hidden streets to be explored.

If you’ve been dreaming of a vacation like this for quite some time and you’re now ready for a luxury tour of Japan, what’s better than exploring the delights of the capital’s most exclusive areas?


The center of Tokyo’s nightlife, this neighborhood is buzzing with vibrancy. Here you can check out the city’s exclusive clubs, bars and restaurants and sample the region’s cuisine in style.

You’ll also discover luxury hotels around this area, offering a welcome retreat once you finish partying. The Cerulean Tower provides out-of-this-world panoramic views of the city and its incredible sunsets.


Roppongi is located on the bridge between Shibuya and Chiyoda and is also classed as one of the main entertainment districts, alongside Shibuya and Shinjuku. Roppongi has a contemporary vibe yet still retains its traditions. It’s also filled with a plethora of lavish dining options as well as more relaxed lunchtime establishments.


While a little further out than some of the other neighborhoods, Ginza tops the list as the best location for shopping, glitz and glamour. Think luxury boutiques and department stores, cocktail bars and sushi restaurants.

Ginza is also home to the Kabukiza Theatre, hosting regular performances of Kabuki, the art of Japanese dance-drama.


Featuring one of the most iconic buildings in Japan, the Senso-ji temple, Asakusa retains a more traditional vibe making it a great location to experience local Japanese cuisine. Although not as lavish or elite as some of the other neighborhoods, it’s still well worth a visit for its authentic dining and endless coffee shops.

Ueno and Akihabara

If vibrant and colorful pop culture is your thing, then Akihabara Electric Town and neighboring Ueno are must-visits. Filled with street food, memorabilia and busy crowds, Akihabara is one of the livelier Tokyo areas.

If you want to escape some of the hustle and bustle, nearby Ueno Park features gorgeous springtime cherry blossoms and multiple museums.

There’s no doubt that Tokyo offers something for every visitor but, when it comes to luxury and style, it’s arguably one of the best cities in the world. Whether you want traditional culture or modern glamour, or even a mix of both, you’re sure to find it among the city’s diverse and fascinating neighborhoods.

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