Five reasons you should visit Dubai

Dubai may not be the capital of the United Arab Emirates, but it is certainly a favorite city for many tourists who have already visited this great destination ...

This city attracts millions of people from all countries around the world. Known around the world as a modern oasis for travelers, Dubai is a city that must be assessed. 2014, this city has seen incredible growth in the number of visitors, with a total of 13.2 million people, who enjoyed the luxury that he can offer. The masterpieces created by human hands adorn its surface, including the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, as well as Palm Jumeirah, uniquely, an artificial island, the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Sea. As it turned out, its new buildings and resorts, combined with high standards of service have made this fantastic city. Dubai as it is in a constant race with itself, in order to overcome what is previously done.

This time we present to you five reasons why you should visit this Arab city during the upcoming winter holiday season.

5. Theme Parks

Dubai does everything it can to make it a favorite destination - while Business Bay occupy the attention of businessmen, several amusement parks are there to delight the youngest (and older ones). Visits to Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure water park becomes a memory that you will remember forever. This park has more than 65,000 marine creatures in a giant aquarium, which revives the legend of Atlantis. Other theme parks are Wild Wadi Water Park, Creekside Park, Global Village and Ice Land Water Park, and they also offer lots of fun to drive, with activities indoors.

4. Beaches

Dubai has dry and hot climate, with constant sunny days. Warm and sunny weather make the beach overlooking the Persian Gulf realization of a dream for those who enjoy the tropical surroundings. While on the beach you have to respect certain rules, walking, sunbathing and enjoying the beach are allowed. Many beaches are owned by hotels and resorts located on the coast, while few of them are free for everyone. Mamzer beach is the most popular beach, followed by a Jumeirah Beach Park. Nevertheless, wherever you are heading out, have fun like never before!

3. Hospitality

Incomparable hospitality sector in Dubai is probably what attracts most visitors. In addition to entertainment and various activities, this city promises you the best, most luxurious and most extravagant vacations in their exceptional resorts. Burj Al Arab is the decoration of the southwestern part of the city, and we are all already familiar with luxury that the only hotel of the world with seven stars can offer to us. In the city there are a number of five-star hotels, while the development of this town can not stop.

2. Shopping

Dubai is a dream come true for all the ladies who love shopping. From traditional spices and carpets from the luxury shops worth a king. Hi-tech electronics, fashion items, clothing and anything and everything else - whatever comes to your mind, you'll find it here. The biggest shopping mall in the world is the Dubai Mall, part of the central complex of the city. Around 653 brand represents their creations under one roof. Other areas, such as Deira Gold Souk, Global Village, Dubai Souk and Karama Shopping Centre, attracting all kinds of customers. The only thing that is common to these shopping centers is the fact that their offer is more than amazing. Also, in Dubai in January every year is a shopping festival, which lasts one month, during which you can see various concerts, fashion shows and more.

1. Adventures

Desert safari that Dubai has to offer is world famous, but not the only adventure of this city. With unprecedented arenas for kayaking, lovers of this activity can explore the lush wooded areas in the west end or enjoy the ride on the calm waves Khor Kalbe. Adventures in Dubai have become exotic. In addition to camping in the desert, skydiving and sea kayaks, here you can enjoy facial and body treatments with pure gold. As a true epitome of fun, Dubai is a place which you must visit at least once in their lifetime. Why not do it this holiday season and check our claims?



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