Retirement Paradise: Why Türkiye is a Top Destination for Seniors

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Thinking about relocating in retirement?

After a long career and being required to live relatively close to work, it is understandable that people want to pack up and move overseas. There are many great destinations for retirees, but one place that is becoming more popular is Turkey (now known as Türkiye). This post will look at why Turkey is the ideal destination for retirees and offer advice on planning your retirement here.

What Makes Turkey an Ideal Destination?

It might not be the first place to spring to mind, but Turkey ticks all of the boxes that you could want in a retirement destination. Turkey has a lovely climate and beautiful scenery, making it a great place for spending time in nature (including picturesque beaches), but Turkey also has plenty of cultures to discover in the major cities (including tantalizing cuisine).

Turkey has a blend of Western and Eastern influences, so it is somewhere that will be new and exciting but not too much of a culture shock. Additionally, seniors are treated very well with a great deal of respect here. Turkey is also one of the safest countries to live in, it has excellent healthcare and an affordable cost of living (with no tax on pensions). On top of all this, visa and resident permits are easier to obtain than in many other European countries.

5 Steps to Plan Your Retirement

Of course, relocating to Turkey will be a challenge and you need to know how to create a plan. Here are five key steps:

Consider Finances

First, you want to consider the financial side of moving. You will need to work out how you will finance the move and equity release is a good option. It is also worth speaking with a financial advisor specialising in international retirement to gauge your financial situation and learn about the cost of living in Turkey and its tax implications.

Understand the Legal Requirements

You will want to get your head around the legal requirements early so that you know what you need to apply for. There is no specific visa for retirees, so you will need to apply for a residence permit.

Research the Country

You also need to spend time researching the country so that you can prepare yourself as well as find a suitable place to live. It might be worth visiting before making your decision as it is a big move.

Arrange Accommodation

Following this, you will want to take some time to find suitable accommodation and this will depend on your wants and needs. It is a good idea to rent for a year or so first so that you can make sure that the move is right for you.

Consider Healthcare

Healthcare will be an important consideration. There is a central government body in the Ministry of Health, but many ex-pats opt for private healthcare for a higher standard of care and fewer communication issues.

Turkey can be the ideal place to retire and there are many good reasons to consider moving here, but it is also a big decision and you must know how to plan your retirement here.

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