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During "24 hours of Elegance," which will be held for the first time in Montenegro - Budva & Porto Montenegro, from July 12th to the 14th, we will hold an exclusive presentation of the latest TAG Heuer watches from their latest Masterpiece Collection.  This collection represents perfection in the art of watchmaking and was the winner of this year’s prestigious Geneva SIHH award.  TAG Heuer overturned a fundamental principle of watchmaking and on this occasion, we spoke with Mr. Guy Semon, inventor of the Haute Horlogerie collection, which is a true revolution in the world of watchmaking.

During this time when technology is continuously moving forward, constantly transforming on a daily basis, what led you to create a collection of watches that has surpassed all existing limits?

My answer is simple - the constant desire to reach a new, persistent need to overcome already achieved results, and the desire for that which seemed impossible to many. I did not seek to replicate the success of my predecessors, the brilliant minds that set  the conventional rules of Haute Horlogerie, but the adoption of prior knowledge, with a completely innovative approach, from pushing the expected limits to surpassing the unattainable.

What new technologyhas the latest TAG Heuer collection brought to the world of watchmaking?

In order to create absolute masterpieces of technology, we need imagination, courage, and above all – boldness in making change - real avant-garde! Micro-blades instead of spirals, magnets instead of hairsprings, belt-drives instead of geartrains, those are the crucial changes that have occurred. Never because it is new -but because it is better, not the pursuit of complexity - but rather simplicity. Our team of scientists and engineers took watchmaking to a new golden age of technological innovation. From its design, to its precision-TAG Heuer pushes boundaries.

Which model from the latest collection would you single out, allowing our guests the opportunity to learn more about?

I would have to say the Monaco V4 Concept Watch, which overturned a fundamental principle of watchmaking, replacing the traditional pinion and gear transmission with a belt-driven movement and inspired by high-performance cars, using 0.07mm transmission belts - the same thickness as a human hair - 10 times smaller than any belt ever manufactured, which is fantastic. It took the team that created it, five years to implement the original idea.

Watches from the latest collection have won top awards and are currently unmatched in their categories. What can we expect in the future?

I am extremely pleased with the success that the latest Masterpiece Collection has brought. It represents the realization of a visionary’s dream. For example, in the world of automobilism, when adesigner begins with a new idea, he constantly thinks about it,until he successfully achieves his new goal.  Once this happens, new ideas and challenges arise, as it did in my case.  There are new visions and prodigious ambitions, which I hope to share in the near future, with the general public as well as watch lovers in Montenegro and within the fantastic “24 hours of Elegance” – being an ideal opportunity for people with refined taste to enjoy in a unique experience together.

For more information regarding the entire event, please visit ourFacebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/24sataelegancije 

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