How to make your holiday more luxurious and travel in style


With the tourism industry slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels and all-time-high temperatures recorded in Europe, there’s never been a better time to take that well-earned break in the sun.

While rising fuel and energy bills may have negatively affected your holiday budget, it’s still more than possible to take a luxurious international break without breaking the bank - if your budget allows, consider taking these simple steps to make your holiday more memorable, luxurious and hassle-free:

Fly first class or business – Whether it’s due to long queues at the airport, flight delays or overcrowded planes, travelling by air can be one of the more stressful elements of any holiday, particularly if you’re taking a long-haul flight. To avoid potential stress and hassle, consider flying first class or business class, where you could travel in style, relax in your own mini-suite and even enjoy complimentary meals and drink. To make the process even easier, think about booking a taxi or private car service to transport you to the airport in plenty of time.

Never drive yourself – Rather than going through the potentially stressful and time-consuming process of hiring a car, planning a route and driving through an unfamiliar country with your family, consider booking an airport transfer car service for both your arrival and departure. Relying on a professional driver will enable you to kick back, take in the view and travel in style - it will also reduce the chances of you getting lost or missing a connection or check-in, another source of potential hassle when travelling by hire car abroad.

Accommodation – 5-star hotels go hand-in-hand with luxurious holiday destinations - whether you decide to stay in a chic chalet, a boutique hotel, a luxury villa, a private city apartment or an opulent hotel room with all the trimmings (including 24-hour concierge and room service), don’t be afraid to spoil yourself, especially if you want to transform your offshore getaway into a luxury break. In order to find your dream hotel, make sure that you shop around before booking - it’s possible to find competitive deals for 5-star hotels when booking online.  

Hire a private guide – Another easy way to add a touch of class and authenticity to your luxury holiday is by taking a private tour with a local guide or hiring a personal guide for the duration of your visit. By investing in local knowledge and avoiding the typical tourist trails, you’ll get a better idea of the local culture and are more likely to soak up some memorable sights off the beaten track.  A private guide will also be able to provide you with a tailored itinerary and transport you personally to and from attractions in style.    



When you yearn for a complete enjoyment for all your senses, relaxing in a luxurious ambience and relishing a cruise between two medieval cities, do it elegantly and with style!

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